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frequently asked questions

What is the Technology inside Provant?

The patented technology inside the Provant Therapy System produces a pulsed electromagnetic field, called PEMF, that is emitted from the applicator pad. Provant gently bathes the surgical site with radio waves which interact with the cells at the surgical site and help to reduce the pain and swelling you are experiencing.

What is Provant Used For?

Provant helps to reduce the surface pain and swelling which many people experience following surgery.

How is Provant Treatment Administered?

Provant is prescribed by a licensed Healthcare Provider and applied for 30 minutes twice daily (BID), with approximately 8-12 hours between treatments. The therapy is non-invasive and does not require removal of dressings. The applicator pad (7.5” x 8.5”) is placed against the bandage covering the surgical site. Then the treatment is started by pressing the “Start/Stop” button on the control panel. Provant automatically begins the prescribed treatment and shuts itself off after the 30 minute session is over.

Are There People Who Should Not Use Provant?

Patients who have pacemakers or defibrillators should not use Provant. Children and pregnant women should not use Provant. Provant should not be used by by patients who have any implanted metallic leads or implanted systems that may contain a metallic lead (such as implanted neuro-stimulators). These patients should discuss alternate treatment options with their clinician. Provant should not be used to treat deep tissue or bone. The long-term biological effect of Provant treatment is not known at this time. Similiarly, the effect of Provant treatment on pre-existing malignancy (cancer) in the vicinity of treatment has not been evaluated.